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Strength training has long been a missing component in women’s fitness, but it’s a crucial to a healthy body. Pound for pound, muscle burns more calories than fat – and it also looks a lot better! Dieting without strength training leads to muscle loss, which makes it harder to lose weight. Strength training is also good for building strong bones. Sustained cardio activity -keeping your heart in its target training zone for at least 30 minutes – is great for burning calories and building lung capacity and aerobic fitness. 

The Curves workout has been proven to be effective at protecting muscle, burning body fat and raising metabolism. In clinical trials, the least fit exercisers expended 164 to 238 calories during a 30 minute Curves workout, while the fittest burned more than 500 calories.


For Healthcare Professionals

Based on research. Designed to meet the fitness needs of women.

If you have patients who could benefit from a regular fitness routine, but who are intimidated by a regular gym, the Curves program provides a supportive environment for women of all ages and fitness levels. It also delivers healthy, proven results.

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