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Gary Heavin and his wife Diane opened the first Curves in the United States in 1992. This new, 30-minute fitness concept combined strength training and sustained cardiovascular activity through safe and effective hydraulic resistance. The comfortable, supportive environment was designed for women and was immediately successful. Gary had recognized a need and an opportunity to help prevent deteriorating health and potential illness by caring for people through proper fitness. Diane had a passion for exercise and the experience of an advertising executive. Together, they realized that women across the world would benefit from the Curves program. They began to develop plans for franchising the concept, with the first club opening in 1995.

Curves reached 1,000 locations in 5 years and over 9,000 locations at the 10 year anniversary. Today, founders Gary and Diane Heavin are considered the innovators of the express fitness phenomenon. The Curves story continues to grow in new directions.

Gary and Diane

Gary is the author of numerous books, including The New York Times bestseller Curves, which is revolutionizing America’s approach to dieting. Curves’ locations now offer a weight management program featuring a groundbreaking, scientifically proven method to raise metabolic rate and end the need for perpetual dieting. In recent years, Diane launched the award-winning¬†diane, The Curves Magazine, which is currently available only in Curves franchises and has a circulation of 1.4 million. In November 2005, Diane introduced the new Curves high-fashion retail line, Curvaceous, The Curves Collection.

Curves has made exercise available to over 4 million women around the world, many of whom are in the gym for the first time. With 10,000 locations in more than 80 countries, Curves is the world’s largest fitness franchise and the tenth largest of all franchise companies in the world. The fact that this phenomenal growth has been realized almost entirely through the positive word-of-mouth from Curves members is a true tribute to the value the program provides.¬†


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