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When you join Curves, you get more than just a place to work out. Read about the benefits of membership below.


Curves Fitness & Weight Management Plan

The Curves Fitness and Weight Management Plan is the perfect companion to your fitness routine. This book explains our strength training and university studied weight management plan, contains success stories and easy to follow menus to help you reach your weight loss goals. Ask your Curves staff how you can get a copy of the Fitness & Weight Management Plan. This book will be available in the Middle East soon.

Curves Weight Management Program

Our Curves Weight Management Classes can help you get started with the weight management plan or just learn to eat healthier. If you are brand new to the program, begin with the Start Up Class. In the Phase 3 Class you will learn to boost your metabolism and the Special Topics Class will give you practical tips for healthy eating. These classes will be available in the Middle East soon.

diane® Magazine

This award-winning magazine is a gorgeous, full-color celebration of women of all ages, shapes and sizes. It’s packed with inspirational stories, cutting-edge fitness and nutrition information, success stories, recipes, celebrity interviews and so much more. Special issues tackle difficult topics like eating disorders and domestic violence with honesty, authority and compassion. From cover to cover, it’s an uplifting, informative read that will make you proud to be a woman. It’s only available through Curves. diane Magazine is available to members at participating Curves locations.

Curves Nutritional Products

Curves has a complete line of dietary supplements to meet your health and weight management needs. The Multivitamin provides a solid nutritional foundation, the Calcium protects your bones, and the Curves Protein Shake is a delicious post exercise recovery drink. Curves has several supplements available to help you to meet your nutritional needs. These products will be available in the Middle East soon. 

Curves Retail Products

Are you proud of your Curves? Curves has a product line developed just for you. From T-shirts and shorts to tools such as portion control plates. All designed to keep you on track. The Curves retail products are available at participating Curves locations. These products will be available in the Middle East soon.

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