By Curves

At the end of your pregnancy you got this amazing little person who has your nose (or eyes) and has totally increased the joy in your life 100 percent. But we can be honest here. For a moment, we can put that joy and happiness to the side and admit it would be awesome if our little bundles of love could come without adding little bundles to the sides of our bellies. And underneath our butt cheeks. And also along the top parts of our arms.

And just in case you’re starting to wonder whether any other new moms get shaky when they just hear the word “bikini,” the answer is “Yes, we do.” Fabulous. We are united in the problem; lets move on to the solution.

The weight came on in a span of nine months. So it is physically impossible that the same weight could go away overnight. We all want to wake up one morning and — poof! — feel as cute as we did pre-baby.

Here are some tips and tricks for feeling your best while you are in the process of getting acquainted with your body post-baby.

1. Put on lipstick
This sounds easy, because it is. It’s hard in the early post-baby days to find time to take care of yourself, but you can always squeeze in a few minutes to put on some lipstick, run a brush through your hair and tell that woman in the mirror she’s on the right track (because you are)!

2. Hit the gym
One workout is not going to get you back to your pre-baby fitness level, but one workout will get those glorious mood boosters called endorphins pumping through your system. And one workout helps lead to another and another. The absolute best way for new mothers to get in shape is in an understanding, supportive environment that gets the scheduling pressure of life with a newborn. Curves has a 30-minute total body workout that will fit into your schedule and help you get your sexy back on a schedule that’s right for you and your baby.

3. Set goals

Once you are back in the swing of your workouts, set attainable goals that you can celebrate. Don’t fall into the trap of making huge, sweeping “I wanna fit in the jeans I wore back in high school” goals. Start with “I want to feel stronger in my legs,” or “I want to make it up and down the stairs in my house for a day without feeling out of breath.” When you achieve these small, yet important, goals you will get a dose of that confidence you need to feel your best again.

4. Talk about how you feel
Tell your husband, partner, best friend—or even just your mom—what you’re dealing with in your head. Their responses might surprise you. They probably see all the strength you’re showing day in and day out with balancing your life and new motherhood — and haven’t even stopped to notice whether or not you are still sporting maternity jeans.

When you see no one else is holding you to impossible standards, maybe you can lighten up on yourself too!