A solid and long-term growth in the European fitness market

The Eurobarometer shows that 59% of European rarely to never exercise or play sport. Participation in sport and physical activity stagnates and is even declining in some countries. And yet we know that physical activity is tomorrow’s cure. There are still huge opportunities for those who knows how to educate people on the importance of a healthy lifestyle, the aim being to reach 80 million health and fitness members in Europe for 2025.

Research shows that once people start exercising, approximately 50% of all people drop out of an exercise program within the first six months. Tomorrow’s challenge in the fitness industry is to retain people and change their behavior on a long-term basis. We have addressed this issue at Curves with a personalized process to help women to stick to the exercise prescription. Once our members have started enjoying the results of our programme, because they understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle they stick to their training schedule. 

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Fitness industry trends: aging population and technology shift

The fitness industry is highly competitive and in this growing segment seven categories can be identified. Cross-overs are expected in terms of complementary service offerings and technology adoption as well as offline and online service providing. At Curves, we take an active role in adopting new market developments to enhance our relationships and serve the needs of women.

Market trends indicate that technology will change the industry and that the aging population requires services to fit their specific needs. At Curves, we see that the caring community is empowered by women and it is therefore that we focus on online and offline communities to support them. Curves adopts and actively uses a strong customer orientated approach, uses social innovations to engage with women and to encourage women to become physically active. The aging population results in a growing group of older female memberships that we support with a friendly, safe and encouraging community of women alike.