Physical activity: How to choose the right one based on your age

By Curves

Exercising is a habit that helps us keep ourselves physically and mentally active, especially when combined with a healthy and balanced diet. For women, in particular, it is very important to choose a physical activity that takes into account not only your goals (to tone up, lose weight, etc.) but also the challenges that come with age!

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Under 35
It is the phase of maximum strength and physical energy in a woman’s life. Thanks to the incredible resilience that this age allows, women, as early as the age of 18, are able to train intensely and assiduously even several times a week!
So why not take advantage of it and make the most of your potential to follow a healthy and active lifestyle? A sedentary life is bad for your health and has many negative consequences not only on our body but also on the quality of our daily life. That’s why our biggest goal is to make you more active and turn your lifestyle into healthy daily habits!

Full-body workout
Curves is a complete and effective workout that combines Strength training, cardio and stretching to help you reach many fitness goals simultaneously:

Form lean muscle mass
Speed up the metabolism
Burn more fat
Tone the body
All this in just 30 minutes! The ideal time to include it in your daily routine, between one work commitment and another, even during your lunch break!

Up to 50
In the age group between 30 and 50, the metabolism slows down and increases the predisposition to injuries. After the age of 40, in fact, we are more subject to the risk of muscle aches and injuries, disorders that can have negative consequences on your daily life by slowing it down and, in the most serious cases, even forcing you to stay still for long periods of time.

Tonicity and balance
The Curves training program, with its circuit, helps you increase muscle tone, as well as improving the balance ability of the whole body. Strengthening your muscles will help you not only with daily movements, but also to prevent the risk of injury. Follow a full workout like the Curves to increase your strength and prevent age-related sprains and strains!

Towards your 60s
This is a very delicate phase for every woman, both physically and psychologically. Our body begins to change and, with it, also the perception we have of ourselves. The ideal, at this age, is to maintain eating habits and a balanced lifestyle, attending the gym several times a week to help the body remain healthy and efficient for a long time.

Cardio and Strength Training
Several studies show that the integration of aerobic activity and Strength Training can help:

Reduce joint pain
Counteract the progression of osteoporosis
Improve movements
Improve the circulatory and immune systems
Also, did you know that physical activity can help you increase self-esteem and cope with age-related changes?

That’s why we at Curves are committed every day to introduce physical activity into every woman’s life, turning it into a habit!
Don’t wait, improve your routine and start getting stronger by now!

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