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Are you ready for Summer? Now that spring is over and the days are getting longer, it’s the perfect time to get fit, Summer is over, and the start of a new season brings new possibilities – the new season is the perfect time to create new habits or recommit to some promises made at the beginning of the year! Our coaches are here to guide you through every workout, to get you what matters – results!

Curves offers a 30-minute full-body workout designed for women. Our hydraulic resistance machines allow you to perform Strength Training and cardiovascular exercises at the same time, and our circuit coaches will train and motivate you at every workout.

30 minutes of Strength Training helps you gain strength, flexibility and balance, making your daily routine a whole lot easier. It improves your resistance to common illnesses and makes you move more confidently.

With the Curves workout program, you will feel stronger not only physically but also mentally… because when you feel strong, you stand strong! You will learn to love yourself by choice, and to be yourself unapologetically. Loud, sensitive, flawed, foolish, romantic, a dreamer, … and strong!

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