By Curves

By Cherri Megasko
Whether you travel for business or pleasure, the change in routine can make it difficult to stay on track with fitness. Not only can it be more challenging to fit in time for a workout, but watching what you eat can be more difficult as well. Taking the time to plan ahead can help you stay on track and give you the extra momentum you need to have an enjoyable and healthy trip.

Talk to your Curves coach prior to your trip.
At your monthly weigh and measure appointment with your Curves coach, let her know that you have a trip coming up. Tell her the specifics of your schedule and discuss ways to stay healthy on your travels. She can help you find a Curves location near your destination and set you up with a travel card so you can fit in a workout!

Anticipate being active and take what you’ll need.
Especially if you’re traveling on business, you may not think to bring your sneakers or workout clothes. But many hotels have fitness centers on-site, and you never know when an opportunity might arise to walk to dinner rather than taking a cab. Be sure to bring appropriate shoes, socks, clothes and even special items for quickly refreshing your hair or makeup after your activity.
Swimming is also an excellent form of exercise, and there’s a good chance your hotel will have a pool. Check it out before you leave and if they do, bring along a bathing suit and cover-up as well.

Don’t forget to pack a snack.
One of the pitfalls of traveling is getting hungry at odd hours. At home, we can always hit the fridge for some crispy veggies or fresh fruit. In a hotel, however, our only options may be the vending machine down the hall. Potato chips and candy bars can wreak havoc on our fitness plan, so be prepared by taking along some healthy snacks. Curves protein shakes are an excellent choice.

Schedule some healthy, local activities.
Check the internet or with your hotel front desk for walking tours of the area. They can be a great way to get in some good exercise while seeing the sights and learning more about the area. If you’re on vacation, be sure to schedule some activities that get you out and moving, like taking a local hike or kayaking on a nearby lake.

You don’t have to put your fitness plan on hold just because you’re going on the road for a few days. With thoughtful consideration you can remain active and eat healthy. Doing so is likely to make your travel that much more enjoyable. Don’t forget to jump right back into your Curves routine as soon as you’re back home. Safe travels!