By Curves

Claire Kowalchik

Going on vacation doesn’t mean you get to take a vacation from your healthy lifestyle—at least not a significant one. Unfortunately, temptation greets you everywhere, whether it’s the ice cream and pizzerias along the boardwalk, the cotton candy and caramel corn at the county fair, or pina coladas and margaritas at the resort hotel. The lure to splurge is great, and willpower under the influence of fun and frolic can be a little challenging. Here are several tried-and-true tips to keep you faithful to your healthy eating goals while allowing a touch of indulgence.

Don’t skip breakfast
You’ll get the brightest and most energetic start from a breakfast that combines protein with carbohydrates, such as a vegetable omelet with whole wheat toast or nonfat plain Greek yogurt (higher in protein than regular yogurt) with fruit and a sprinkling of nuts. It will keep you feeling satisfied longer and offers a steady supply of energy throughout the morning.

Be smart about snacks
You already know that eating a snack between meals prevents you from getting too hungry and overeating at lunch or dinner. When you’re on vacation and on the go during the day, carry a snack in your purse. Having one handy will help prevent you from diving into the ice cream shop or the pizza parlor when hunger strikes. A perfect option is one of the Curves Snack Bars. If it’s a hot, sunny day and you simply crave a cool treat, opt for a fruit popsicle, or frozen yogurt topped with fruit, over higher-calorie ice cream.

Dine wisely
When dining out, choose a meal with lean proteins (chicken, fish, beans or tofu), lots of vegetables, and whole grains. Avoid fried foods, high-carb entrees, and dishes made with cream sauces or lots of cheese. Share a meal with a friend or family member, especially if you select a menu item that’s a little higher in calories and fat than you might otherwise eat. If no one at your table is willing to share, ask your waiter or waitress to divide the meal and put half in a doggie bag before she brings your food to your table.

Indulge judiciously
Okay, you are on vacation, and it’s only fitting that you relax—just a bit—your tight rein on drinks and desserts, the empty-calorie but full-of-pleasure indulgences. “If you want to have a special splurge on vacation, you can plan for it and stay on track with your weight-loss goals,” says Darcie Anderson, Curves nutritionist. “Phase 2 of Curves Complete allows 400 combined calories of snacks throughout the day, and occasionally, you can enjoy all those calories in one delicious indulgence.”

If celebratory cocktails call to you, Anderson suggests making a wine spritzer with sparkling water, wine, and a splash of fruit juice. “You can have two for the same caloric impact as one glass of wine,” says Anderson. “This is a refreshing way to stretch your drinks out over the evening.”

Move a little more
For all of your efforts at calorie control while you’re on vacation, you’re likely to consume a few extra. “Try to find creative ways to get in more steps, or try a new activity,” advises Anderson